What We Offer

We offer three main areas of service to our clients:-


Imara Edwards pioneered the concept of equities research in Zimbabwe, and retains the reputation for commitment to this area. The research philosophy is based on potential that is assessed from the bottom up.

Timely receipt of information is paramount especially in frontier markets where channels of communication are still developing. To keep our clients abreast of developments on our market a Morning Research Note and Price Sheet is sent out via e-mail daily. Stock prices are also available on the Imara Capital website. In addition, our analysts monitor many different African markets and are able to place ZSE listed companies in the African context to present a more rounded overview.

Sales and Trading

For more than half a century, Imara Edwards Securities has developed a trading process that is research-led and client-centric. When executing trades we take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously and seek to extract the most value from the market for our clients within the parameters set. Our vast network of local and foreign clients and brokers also allows us to discreetly address a wide audience in a relatively illiquid market. Trade on the ZSE is done via a Call-Over system starting at 10:00am local time every working day of the week, lasting until 1500hrs.

Sponsoring Broker to listed companies and IPOs

Imara Edwards will act as liaison between companies and the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (“ZSE”) to ensure compliance with the ZSE and statutory requirements. With our broking history we will work with our partners to ensure that the accuracy and standard of all documentation submitted to the regulators is of the highest quality and standard.