Imara Fiduciary

Imara Fiduciary’s services enable capital seekers to unlock asset liquidity, while allowing capital providers the ability to provide the required liquidity within the confines of a ring-fenced and risk-mitigated security structure. The following examples illustrate the categories under which value may be extracted from our services:


  • Developers looking to access large sums of capital to finance large scale infrastructure development projects on a syndicated basis
  • Entities looking to restructure their existing debt facilities and/or lower their overall cost of funding by increasing the syndication of their financing
  • Small and medium enterprises looking to unlock asset liquidity to finance working capital requirements
  • Structured trade finance and cross-border traders looking to access off-shore liquidity to fund their import requirements


  • Institutional and private investors looking to invest in medium and long term asset-backed  debt issues with the possibility of trading debt on the secondary market
  • Financial institutions looking to lower the risk profile of facilities by participating in syndicated facilities
  • Offshore investors looking to provide capital within the confines of locally accessible and independently monitored security structures
  • Investors providing funding in deferred equity transactions