What We Offer

Imara Fiduciary’s core function can be summarised as the protection of client assets, which is the maxim under which we offer the following services:

Security Trustee/ Security Agent

The trustee/agent is an independant third party who plays a critical role as the holder of a common pool of security on behalf of debt subscribers. In appointing Imara Fiduciary to this role, the issuer and the debt holders enjoy the benefits of its professional and efficient services.

Escrow Manager/Paying Agent

This role typically involves the monitoring of funds, collected in bank accounts, for the purposes of debt redemption. Acting as an Escrow Agent, Imara Fiduciary is also able to hold other types of movable property such as shares, in both materialised and dematerialised formats.

Our Approach

In summary we are:


Imara Fiduciary carries out all duties in a non-partisan manner, ensuring that the interests of all the  capital providers are addressed equally, without risks of conflicts of interest.

Value Based

Optimum value for money also informs the costing of our services, as we understand that the intrinsic value proposition is what motivates the investment, the security should therefore be complementary.


Whether the scope of work involves performing a purely custodial function in relation to the safekeeping of pledged security, or carrying out multiple roles in a complex transaction as a centralised conduit between several capital providers and receivers, capital providers can be assured that Imara Fiduciary, through its independently audited systems, is compliant with industry-best practice in order to guarantee protection of client assets.